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The life of a leader who gives themselves to continual learning will enrich a wide circle of others. They will take in much and give out even more.

~Dave Gilmore, President & CEO, DesignIntelligence

what the data shows

From Tricord/DI Organizational Dynamics study 2013-2019

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Growing and Developing

Growing and developing
leaders in an open, interactive and collaborative way.

Growing and Developing

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“A Culture Unsure”

true north

We help you create a True North for your customized leadership program by affirming your company’s purpose.

  • We create the foundation of your program to align with your company's vision and culture by asking: What are your company's leadership essentials?
  • We build on that foundation and broaden your program by asking: What are your company's leadership aspirations?
  • We ask you to assemble a cohort of 10-15 emerging leaders who will learn collaboratively.

framework & sequencing


Our instructors are from diverse industries with distinctive backgrounds.
Their shared superpower?